Mixing & Mastering "Fighter EP" by Joe Gilder

 The regular price for Mixing & Mastering "Fighter EP" is $147. 

What's included in the course?

Mixing & Mastering "Fighter EP" is my latest course, and I'm stupid excited about it. My name is Joe Gilder. I run Home Studio Corner. I'm also a musician. In the year 2017, I set a goal to write and release four EP's. I've recorded the third one and am prepping to mix and master it. 

In this course, I will document the entire process of mixing and mastering a four-song EP, step by step. I've never done a course or video series like this before. I've always focused on showing you how to mix ONE song. But there are significant differences between mixing one song and mixng and EP or an album. How do you maintain a consistent tone and volume across all the songs? How do you manage the files? Do you work from templates? I'll answer all these questions and more as we mix and master my new EP together.


Do I have to use Presonus Studio One to take this course?

No, but if you use S1 you're at an advantage, because in addition to the multi-track audio files and the videos, I'll also provide the actual Studio One session files from my mixes, so you can load up my exact mix on your system.

That said, mixing concepts are universal, and there's plenty to learn, plus you'll still be able to mix along in your own DAW!

Will you be using lots of 3rd-party plugins that I have to buy?

Nope! With the exception of a spring reverb that I MIGHT use on ocassion, everything else I use in my mix will be stock plugins that come with Studo One Professional. You'll see...you can get a kickin' mix with stock plugins.

Are there live sessions I need to attend?

Nope. I will be delivering the videos on a schedule (2 per week) until the EP is finished. You can watch the videos at your leisure. :)

How long will the course be?

I'm releasing this EP on September 1st, so this course must be finished before then. (Deadlines, right?)

What if I don't like it?

Shoot us an email. 1-Year Refund Policy. We'll issue a refund. Easy peasy. And we can still be friends.

Can I mix the songs and then add them to my portfolio to show off my skillz?

Totally. Go for it. Just credit me (Joe Gilder).